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Members of a clan originally created by Raval and the Smisse family, the Rogues have finally pledged allegiance to the god Dralbour, who is none other than Sram. Masters of dirty tricks, backstabbing, time bombs and guns... the rogues only feel at home on dangerous grounds.

The Rogue or The Rogue Ruse class is a bomb and flintlock class.

Rogues make tactical use of their Bomb spells, setting up glyph-like walls to limit movement, action, or to create combos for large amounts of damage. These tactics require great patience. They can make use of spells like Kickback or Magnet to help get their bombs into position, to draw their opponents into walls created by the bombs or bring them close enough to detonate their bombs at range.

They can also make use of spells like Last Breath, Powder and Kickback to increase the damage done by their bombs or allies.

The Rogue is a difficult class to play as setting up combos takes time and forethought. But, if done right, can be one of the most formidable classes in the game.


Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vitality Vit 1~∞ - - - -
Wisdom Wis - - 1~∞ - -
Strength Str 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Intelligence Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Chance Cha 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Agility Agi 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -

The characteristics most closely associated with this class are:

  • Agility Agility: The Rogue's Air damage spells let them do medium AoE damage at long range, though often at strange angles. They can also reduce MP with spells like Grenado. While the air spells deal the least amount of damage, they do allow the rogue to keep their distance while setting up their bombs.
  • Intelligence Intelligence: The Fire damage spells allow the Rogue to deal large amounts of damage at medium distances with spells like Pulsar and Explobomb. Intelligence also has the only life stealing spell of the class.
  • Chance Chance: Used by Water damage based rogues for close range AoE damage. Also reduces AP through use of Water Bomb and Deception. Blunderbuss also increases permanent damage taken for a short period.

The other characteristics are:

  • Vitality Vitality: This is important to any rogue as it not only increases your own survivability, but also determines the amount of HP your bombs have, which are a Rogue's main source of damage.
  • Wisdom Wisdom: Not really required unless using a Chance or Agility build to help with AP/MP theft.
  • Strength Strength: As Rogues have no Earth based spells, there is not much point in raising Strength. It might be raised to meet weapon requirements.

Class spellsEdit

The class spells available to members of the Rogue class are:

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Boombot Boombot Exchange for Doploons Summons a controllable robot that can push, attract, or trigger bombs. The robot explodes at the end of its turn.
Detonator Detonator 1 Triggers bombs from a distance.
Execution Extraction 1 Fire
Steals HP (fire) from a distance.
Explosive Boombot Explobomb 1 Fire
Summons a Fire-type bomb. Causes direct damage if launched directly at a target. Can trigger a wall of fire if two identical bombs are aligned with up to 6 squares between them. The wall of fire causes Fire-type damage.
Kickback Kickback 3 Pushes back everything from the cell it was cast in a cross AoE. Bombs are pushed further depending in how close to the target cell they are. Allies and enemies are pushed back one cell. If an ally is effected they will receive a temporary +damage boost.
Roguery Roguery 6 Creates several images of the Rogue to deceive opponents, and allows the Rogue to teleport. The images disappear if they are target of certain debuffs or a damage spell. This spell ends the Rogue's current turn.
Grenado Grenado 9 Air
Summons an Air-type bomb. Causes direct damage if thrown directly at a target. Can trigger a wall of Air if two identical bombs are aligned with up to 6 squares between them. The wall of Air removes MP and causes Air-type damage.
Magnet Magnet 13 Magnet attracts everything within a cross AoE from where it is cast. It has to be cast on a target. It attracts bombs towards the centre point in a straight line, while attracting allies and enemies only one cell closer.
Boomerang Daggers Boomerang Daggers 17 Air
The Rogue throws a boomerang that causes Air-type damage at range with an arc-shaped area of effect.
Dirty Trick Dirty Trick 21 The Rogue swaps positions with one of its bombs.
Deception Deception 26 Water
Causes Water-type damages and subtracts 1 AP over a ring-shaped zone of effect around the Rogue.
Water Bomb Water Bomb 31 Water
Summons a Water-type bomb. This causes direct damages if it is cast directly onto a target. It can trigger a wall of Water if two identical bombs are aligned with up to 6 squares between them. The wall of Water removes AP and causes Water-type damage.
Pulsar Pulsar 36 Fire
The Rogue inflicts Fire-type damages onto a target. The greater the percentage of MP a Rogue has of his total MP before he casts Pulsar, the more damages he will inflict.
Powder Powder 42 Places the bomb in a Unmovable state and makes the bomb detonate with a combo bonus if it loses all of its HP.
Remission Remission 48 Enemies who attack the spell's target in melee are pushed back one to six cells, depending on the spell's level. On bombs it reduces damage from ranged attacks.
Carbine Carbine 54 Air
The Rogue casts a spell diagonally which inflicts Air type damages in a zone of effect in a perpendicular line from where it was cast.
Last Breath Last Breath 60 Increases damages inflicted by bombs and allies for two turns, but temporarily reduces the Rogue's vitality by 50%.
Countdown Countdown 70 Detonates a targeted bomb at the end of the Rogue's turn with a countdown of 1 turn and applies a combo bonus if the bomb is detonated this way.
Overload Overload 80 Allows targeted bombs to reduce the length of time their targets' effects last when they explode. The effect comes into play next turn and becomes more and more powerful each turn.
Blunderbuss Blunderbuss 90 Water
Causes Water damage in a cone shape over a short range and applies a debuff that increases permanent damage taken by 25% for 2 turns.
Kaboom Kaboom 100 Renders the Rogue and its allies not only invulnerable to the Rogue's bomb explosions and walls but if the Rogue and/or allies are hit by such explosions they will be buffed as well (buffs vary between bombs).
Summoning of Dopple Summoning of Rogue Dopple 200 Summons a Rogue Dopple.

Class SetEdit

The Rogue Class Set is the Explosive Set.


°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build. There is also a leveling guide for all classes at: Leveling guide

Pure elemental builds
Agility-based +++ Long-range build. Average damage with diagonal AoEs and no LoS
Chance-based ++ Close-ranged Xelor-ish build. Has a number of unusual AoEs and can take a lot of AP with the use of bombs, and to a lesser extent, spells.
Intelligence-Based +++ Medium-range high damage build.


See the general Leveling guide or the specific build pages.


At (10,16) is The Temple of Rogue, where you can get info about Rogues and fight the Rogue Dopple.

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