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Sadidas are Summoners who specialize in creating powerful ointments and insidious poisons. Taming brambles to form horrifying weapons, crafting war and healing dolls - these are a Sadida's bread and butter.
The Sadida or Sadida's Shoe are a curious and peaceful tribe of nature-loving creatures native to the world of Dofus.

Though peaceful in nature; in battle, the Sadida can be a powerful ally. Through numerous nature-based attacks, used in conjunction with the summoning of a variety of Dolls, the Sadida can make a significant impact on a battle either alone or in a group. The Sadidas summons Trees, which they can turn into a variety of Dolls. The Sadida Dolls (unlike many summons) do not generally deal Direct damage. Instead, they serve as strategic pawns in battle. Though a single Doll may be less than efficient, they can be used to overwhelm some of the best opponents. The Dolls are mainly used as distractions, and many Dolls can cripple opponents with MP, AP, and MP loss resistance removal spells, and when they die they turn back into trees. This can effectively render an opponent helpless with no movement or usable actions.

The lack of offensive summons often leaves the Sadida to cause damage by other means; while the dolls only serve to distract, disable and tease. This isn't a problem since the Sadida can deal gratuitous damage. Besides the Sadida's natural tendency to attack with great strength, it also has numerous vine-like "brambles" at its disposal to dole out some quite substantial damage. These brambles sprout forth from the earth to subdue and damage the Sadida's enemies. Many a creature has tasted the vine-lash of the Sadida Boots and most cannot palate the flavor.


Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vitality Vit 1~∞ - - - -
Wisdom Wis - - 1~∞ - -
Strength Str 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Intelligence Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Chance Cha 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Agility Agi 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
  • Strength Strength: In general, Strength is a Sadida's core characteristic. The majority of Sadida's attacks are Earth based attacks.
  • Vitality Vitality: Not recommended for most classes to raise as the main characteristic, though it may be beneficial to raise it after reaching a specific cap with another element. Example: 300 or 400 base in strength, and the rest in vitality.
  • Intelligence Intelligence: Sadidas have some Fire based attacks, so Intelligence builds are an option. There are some very strong PvP builds using Intelligence as a core, although it will be more difficult to use than chance and strength based sadidas.
  • Chance Chance: Sadidas have several Water based attacks so Chance is another option. One spell, (Tear), is learned at a fairly low level and can be very powerful, especially considering it requires no line of sight. Dolly Sacrifice can also help support the build with high damage and healing.
  • Agility Agility: Sadidas do not have any spells linked to the Agility stat. Agility is not considered a core characteristic.
  • Wisdom Wisdom: Like all classes, Sadida benefit from enhanced Wisdom for more experience point gains and also to help its MP reducing role. For this reason, you may consider putting points into wisdom after reaching a cap with another element.

Class spellEdit

Name Level Element Description
Treeoflife The Tree of Life Exchange for Doploons N/A Transforms the tree into a Tree of Life. For two turns, any damage received by this tree is given back to its attacker as heals.
Bramb Bramble 1 Earth
Causes Earth-type damages. Cast on a Tree, this spell a blocker to exchange position with the Tree, and not recieve any damage for a turn.
Treen Tree 1 N/A Summons a Tree at the targeted position. For a turn, the Tree can't be used by a Sadida as an intermediary for casting other spells. After a turn, the Tree is usable and can no longer be pushed or pulled.
Block The Block 1 N/A Replaces the targeted Tree with a Block which will try to get in close to enemies to obstruct them. If the spell "Bramble" has been cast on an allied Tree, the Block exchanges places with that Tree and can't be damaged for 1 turn. Upon its death, the Block becomes a Tree again.
Pois Paralysing Poison 3 Fire
Deals Fire-type damage when the target uses AP and gives the Infected state. When an enemy target in the Infected state is hit by certain Sadida spells, all targets in the Infected state are also hit. The spells which take advantage of this are: Bramble, Poisoned Wind, Tear, Dolly Sacrifice, Soothing Bramble, Aggressive Bramble, Insolent Bramble, and Bush Fire.
Tear Tear 6 Water
Inflicts Water-type damage and does not require a line of sight. On a Tree that has just appeared: causes its leaves to grow and makes it possible for a Sadida to use it as an intermediary for casting other spells. If the target is an enemy in the Infected state, causes Water-type damage to all enemies in the Infected state.
Mad The Madoll 9 N/A Replaces the targeted Tree with a Madoll which causes enemies to lose AP and gives them the Infected state. When a targeted enemy in the Infected state is hit by certain Sadida spells, all the targets in the same state are hit as well. The spells which take advantage of this are: Bramble, Poisoned Wind, Tear, Dolly Sacrifice, Soothing Bramble, Aggressive Bramble, Insolent Bramble, and Bush Fire. Upon its death, the Madoll returns to being a Tree.
Sooth Soothing Bramble 13 Fire
Removes MP from enemies for 2 turns. Heals allies. If the target is an enemy in the Infected state, it also causes MP loss for any enemy in the Infected state.
Silvan Sylvan Power 17 N/A Replaces the targeted tree with a controllable tree that can push a target, reduce the duration of bewitchments, or heal in an area of effect. At the end of its turn, it becomes a normal tree again.
Sacrif The Sacrificial Doll 21 Air
Summon does Air damage.
Replaces the targeted Tree with a Sacrificial Doll which causes heavy damage to the first enemy it meets and dies. Each turn the Sacrificial Doll remains alive increases its health, as well as the damages it will cause. Upon its death, the Sacrificial Doll becomes a Tree again.
Earthq Earthquake 26 Fire
Causes Fire damage within 3 cells of an allied tree, pulls the target toward it, and detects enemies in an area of 3 cells around each allied tree in play until the end of the caster's turn.
Knoledg Natural Gift 31 N/A The target must be a Tree. The Tree is killed. Allies within 2 cells of the targeted Tree are healed, and allied characters within 2 cells of the targeted Tree share received damages between them for 1 turn.
Manifold Manifold Bramble 36 Earth
Deals earth damage in a mid-sized Area of Effect.
Dollys Dolly Sacrifice 42 Water
Causes Water damage when cast on an enemy. Steals health when cast on an ally or summons. If the target is an enemy in the Infected state, causes Water-type damage to all enemies in the Infected state.
Poiswind Poisoned Wind 48 Neutral
Deals Neutral damage, in an AoE, at the start of each player's turn, also reduces intelligence of affected characters.
Inflat The Inflatable 54 N/A Replaces the targeted Tree with an Inflatable Doll which heals allies within 3 cells of it. It also heals all allies in contact with Trees. Upon its death, the Inflatable Doll becomes a Tree again.
Agress Aggressive Brambles 60 Earth
Inflicts Earth-type damage. If the target is an enemy in the Infected state, causes Earth-type damage to all enemies in the Infected state.
Wildg Wild Grass 70 Fire
Wild Grass inflicts Fire-type damage and removes MP in an AoE.
Fireb Bush Fire 80 Fire Water
Fire & Water
This spell inflicts Fire- and Water-type damage. If the target is an enemy in the Infected state, causes Fire- and Water-type damage to all enemies in the Infected state.
Insole Insolent Bramble 90 N/A Reduces the duration of the target's bewitchments by 4 turns. If the target is an enemy in the Infected state, reduces the duration of the bewitchments of all enemies with the Infected state.
The Ultra-Powerful The Ultra-Powerful 100 N/A Replaces the tree with an Ultra-Powerful doll which takes MP and MP Loss Resistance from enemies in an area of effect, as well as any enemies in contact with trees. Upon its death, the Ultra-Powerful doll becomes a tree again.
Summoning of Dopple Summoning of Sadida Dopple 200 N/A Summons a Sadida Dopple.

Class SetEdit

The Sadida Class Set is the Wild Set.


°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build Notes

Pure elemental builds
Strength-based +++ Brambles build. Very common. Moderate-range heavy damage dealer. Great Area of Effect damage, but can harm teammates.
Chance-based ++ Waterfall build. Very powerful in early levels, but has restricted range and limited offensive spell options. Focuses on MP manipulation spells and may depend on dolls. Can be very supportive.
Hybrid elemental builds
Strength + Intelligence ++ Earthquake build. Uses Bush Fire at higher levels, but until then has limited damage capabilities.
Strength + Chance ++ Unorthodox build. Pairs Bramble with Tear at very high levels for great ranged damage, but may be inferior to other builds until then. Also focuses on weapons.
Intelligence + Chance ++ Powerful variant of the Chance-based build. Uses Tear until Bush Fire becomes available. Strong at very high levels.
Other builds
Vitality + Pure summoner. Only focuses on increasing summoning capacity. Uses The Sacrificial Doll to deal damage.
Damage ++ Focuses on Earthquake and Poisoned Wind at mid-levels to deal good damage every turn, even with manifold bramble and other weaker attacks. In higher levels bush fire also will give some nice hitting as damage build. Usually protects itself using Sylvan Power.


A general leveling guide may be found here.


At (-1,9) is the The Temple of Sadida, where you can get info about Sadidas and fight the Sadida Dopple.


Sadida spelled backwards is "Adidas", a major sports equipment manufacturer. Amongst other things they produce sports footwear, which refers to the class name, Sadida's shoes.