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Sam Croa
Area Astrub
Sam Croa
Location Astrub City
Coords (2,-16)
Details Inside Baker's Workshop
Options Talk

Sam Croa is an NPC.



Welcome to the Croa bakery, all our breads are baked according to the traditions of old. You'll understand what I'm talking about instant your teeth pierce the crusty crustiness of my crusty crusts.

Offer to give a hand

You come at the right moment! My delivery man has just fallen sick and I can't take care of the delivery of a special order. I need strong arms and fast legs to deliver these cakes all over the town. I'll pay you well, are you interested?

Starts the Delivery problem quest.
Talk about Xavier the baker

Xavier the Baker is very famous in Baking circles. All this attention he's getting... he thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'm the one with charisma, I'm the one with the crusty bread... Everything they say about him is fibs. Plus they all think I'm jealous, well I'm not!


Features in

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