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Shaman Surivitna
Area Neutral Pandala
Shaman Surivitna
Location Pandala Village
Coords (24,-35)
Details Inside a building
Options Talk

Shaman Surivitna is an NPC. Formerly known as Surivitna the Shaman.


During the quest Pandala: An Island Like No Other

Interesting! Your eyeball is REALLY wan... Let me guess: first, your breath smelling like an old constipated dragoturkey... Then, your last meal is trying to escape your body through every possible hole. And finally, you're wearing a Pandawa hat in Pandala without being a Pandawa from Pandala! No doubt possible: you've got the Pandrista!

Outside of quests

I'm very busy taking care of those sick Enutrofs... All this isn't a good sign...


Features in


Shaman Surivitna is 'Antivirus' backwards, and there is an antivirus software called "Panda Antivirus".

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