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Shop Layout

Shop/Boutique/The Great Emporium is a shopping service. The full version can be accessed through Dofus official site while the limited version can be found in the game through the shop tab (standard keybinding: r).

The limited version offers items (e.g. emotes, sets, haven bags), services and subscriptions, with the only payment option being Ogrines. The full version offers additional services, subscription options and promotional offers, most of them requiring payments with real life currency.

The Shop is an alterable area and while some items/services/subscriptions are considered to be permanent, that can be changed at any given time. Some items are only sold during a specific time period and prices for different items/services/subscriptions might be altered. The best way to see these alterations is to follow the Dofus announcement page to see more information about a specific item/service/subscription. Promotional offers are usually displayed on the official site as well as on the Dofus Updater and are only available during a set time period.

As the Shop is altered frequently some items in this list might be outdated. All links to the Dofus shop should progressively be replaced by wikipedia links, please help us add the required pages.


Haven BagsEdit

Item Price (Ogrines)
Allister Haven Bag 3,000
Foggernaut Haven Bag 3,500
Inn Haven Bag 3,000
Haven Bag Showroom 3,000
Seasonal Haven Bag 3,500

Mystery BoxesEdit

Item Price (Ogrines)
Blue Mystery Box 1,500
Deceiver Mystery Box 399
Enutrof Mystery Box 99
Festival of Bonta's Mystery Box 699
Gobbowl Mystery Box 1,200
Hatter Mystery Box 299
Makeover Mystery Box 699
Mystery Box 199
Sunny Mystery Box 299
Warrior Mystery Box 699


Item Price (Ogrines)
Acornastic Fairywork 70
Brief Fairywork 70
Cloudy Fairywork 70
Mimisymbic 2,400
4x Mimisymbics 8,600
10x Mimisymbics 16,000
Pack of 10 Musical Fairyworks 70
Pack of 10 Starry Fairyworks 70
Pack of 10 Wealthy Fairyworks 70
Pre-Sentient Potion 6,000
3x Pre-Sentient Potion 12,000


Item Price (Ogrines)
Archiduk 5,800
Beelzebug 2,900
Kamus Rex 5,800
Lumino 2,900
Shadow 2,900
Skale 2,900
Toxine 5,800


Item Price (Ogrines)
Emote: Ballistic 5,000
Emote: Bloody 5,000
Emote: Criminal 4,500
Emote: Elemental 5,000
Emote: Ethyl 4,500
Emote: Explosive 4,500
Emote: Greed 4,500
Emote: Indestructible 5,000
Emote: Lucky 5,000
Emote: Psychotic 5,000
Emote: Rabid 5,000
Emote: Reckless 3,500
Emote: Regenerative 5,000
Emote: Steamy 5,000
Emote: Sylvan 5,000
Emote: Timeless 4,500
Emote: Transcendent 5,000
Emote: Write 3,500


Dofus Icon
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Item Price (Ogrines)
Karotz Set (Shown as Karotz' Staff) 2,600
Kloug Set (Shown as Kloug's Wand) 2,600
Phong Huss Set 2,600
Rapiat Set 2,600
Tracon Set (Shown as Tracon's Sword) 2,600
Koksiks Set 1,900
Logram Set 1,900
Stroy Zemol Set 1,900
Alowa Set 700
Beanie Set 700
Black Crow Set 700
Bobble Set 700
Borbat Set (Shown as Borbahat) 700
BzzZet 700
Charlie's Set 700
Chisp Set (Shown as The Chisp set) 700
Cicada Set (Shown as Cicad'Hat) 700
Clementine Set 700
Cristalline Set 700
Feather Set (Shown as Feather Hat) 700
Frost Set 700
Gadjet Set 700
Gato Set 700
Gladiator Set 700
Goldobrak Set 700
Grillian Set 700
Iopset 700
Jon Lemon Set (Shown as The Lemon set) 700
Lamechester United Set 700
Lemon Set 700
Lonne's Set 700
Makizuset 700
Noke Set 700
Oxo Set 700
Pandalida Set 700
Paper Set (Shown as The Paper set) 700
Peggy the Lousy Pig Set 700
Percimol Set 700
Pink Dragoone Set 700
Pinokio Set 700
Pony Set 700
Poppinz Set 700
Prisoner Set 700
Pynekone Set 700
Set of the Eastern Wood 700
Shincha Set 700
Slait Set 700
Slamdance Set 700
Slugly Set 700
Slump Set (Shown as The Slump set) 700
Solaris Set 700
The Empire Set 700
Thunderset (Shown as Snarffe) 700


Dofus Icon
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Item Price (Ogrines)
Boh-Bihn Shield 300
Chisp Shield 300
Kanuckler 300
Lamechester United Shield 300
Makizushield 300
Pac-Tiger Shield 300
Sekyoo Ratee 300
Shield Kada 300
Solaris Shield 300





Item Price (Ogrines)

Living objectsEdit

Item Price (Ogrines)
Livitinem Hat 6,000
Parasymbic Hat 6,000
Livitinem Cape 4,000
Parasymbic Cape 4,000
Livitinem Amulet 600
Livitinem Ring 600
Parasymbic Belt 600
Parasymbic Boots 600



Item Price (Ogrines)
Axe Vegax 500
Axe Enroziz 300
Axe Hellerate 300
Axe Ident 300
Bedazzling Double Hakken Axe 300
Hachetee 300
Tex Axe 300


Item Price (Ogrines)
Bow Gotta 500
Bow Leeng 300
Bow Ndjoor 300
Bow Nuss 300
Mam Bow 300


Item Price (Ogrines)
Dagger Rilla 500
Dagg' Heirs 300
Dagg' Hers 300
Dagger Khin 300
Dagger Nica 300
Noke's Daggers 300
Pink Dragoodirks 300


Item Price (Ogrines)
Hammer Leen 500
Hamm'Ornet 300
Hammer Maid 300
Hammer Rhor 300
Hammer Rigoround 300
Hammer Udeet 300
Lonne's Hammer 300
Percimol's Hammer 300


Item Price (Ogrines)
Shovel Conquistador 500
Shovel Hem 300
Shovel Ington 300
Shovel Kroh 300
Shovel Vett 300


Item Price (Ogrines)
Logram's Staff 1,700
Staff Igraf 500
Gladiastaff 300
Jon Lemon's Blowpipe 300
Pandalida Staff 300
Poopapink Staff 300
Staff Amished 300
Staff Renzi 300
Staff Ro 300
Staff Ternoon 300
Strawaff 300
The Chapstick 300


Item Price (Ogrines)
Phong Huss's Sword 2,400
Rapiat's Sword 2,400
Tracon's Sword 2,400
Koksiks's Sword 1,700
Stroy Zemol's Sword 1,700
Sword Idd 500
Ascen Sword 300
Grute's Sword 300
Nutyprofe Sword 300
Swodor 300
Sword Inary 300
Sword Onik 300
The Black Crow's Piercing Lance 300
Makatana 100


Item Price (Ogrines)
Kloug's Wand 2,400
Wand Enonly 300
Wand Erboy 300
Wand Herfool 300
Wand Rogenus 300
Wand Rohid 300


Item Price (Ogrines)
Barbaric Dragoturkey Harness 3,000
Foggernaut Dragoturkey Harness 4,000
Desert Dragoturkey Harness 3,000
Pilot Dragoturkey Harness 3,000
Royal Dragoturkey Harness 3,000
Shell Seemyool Harness 4,500
Sufokian Seemyool Harness 4,000
Treechnid Dragoturkey Harness 2,500
Unikron Dragoturkey Harness 4,000
Item Price € Time period
Shiny Dragoturkey Harness 7,00 World Series Summer Edition 2018

Fatal BlowsEdit

Item Price (Ogrines)
Iop Fatal Blow 3000

Dofus 1.29 ItemsEdit

It is possible to buy items for the 1.29 version of the game, although this page won't track or update those items. Please visit Dofus 1.29 Shop items for a full list.



Special ItemsEdit

World Series Summer Edition 2018Edit

Item Price €
DOFUS World Series Summer 2018 Pack* 17,00
Shiny Dragoturkey Harness* 7,00
Shiny Set* 10,00
Shiny Shield* 5,00

* These items are linked to your account for one year after purchase.

Historical ItemsEdit

These items can no longer be purchased from the Shop and are only kept for historical purposes.


Item Price (Ogrines)
Sting 3,800
Moowitty 2,800
Tofrazzle 2,800
Willy Peninzias 2,800
Bilby 1,800
Grauler 1,800
Smush 1,800
Jellufo 1,100
Scarakiri 1,100
Tarzantula 1,100
Khamelerost Dragoturkey (Chameleon, 1~100 Vitality) 1,100
Mouselet 700

Krosmaster ItemsEdit

Item Price (Ogrines)
Dofus Mag #5 (Includes a Krosbox, 2 Tofukaze, Diplocape and Diplohat) 2,000
Krosmaster Krospack Collection 1 (Includes a Krosbox) 1,400