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Shushumis are 40 magic weapons (5 per weapon type) that allow their bearer to collect Fragment of Shushu's souls.

Per type of weapon, there is one Shushumi of each element, and one combining all four elements.


  • There are Shushu Lottery cards for sale, each being associated with one Shushumi
  • One Lottery card is offered with each volume of the Dofus Monster manga 'Les Shushus de Rushu'.
  • One Lottery card is offered to visitors of the Japan Expo, per 10€ of items bought at the shop
  • Shushumis can be exchanged/sold in salesrooms 2 months after they have been obtained.
  • The weapons can be bought using Ogrines in The Great Emporium


When obtained, Shushumis give no bonus. But if you equip them, you'll have some probability of dropping Fragment of Shushu's soul from monsters. You can then apply those soul fragments to your Shushumi to improve it.

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