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Slang in Dofus is a flavour of the English language, mixing Dofus terms (item and monster names etc.), Internet slang and other abbreviations.

This page lists Dofus-specific abbreviations only. Information on Internet and RPG slang in general can be found on Wikipedia and Wiktionary.

For the Dofus interface commands, see the Command page.



A term that indicates that you're ready for a battle. You can do this by clicking on your character and selecting "Slap", though some people might type it instead. Typed variations might include: "Aie", "aie", "i", "a", "ai", "pie", "!, eiA", "aye", "√-1"(i, mathematically) amongst others.


Term used to indicate the levelling of a character. For example "/g I dinged!"


Normally refers a Build which focuses on two or more elements in order to be more versatile.


Used to tell someone to pass their turn in a fight, usually because they can not help.

Picfail Purée

Filler term used on the Bunch of Keys when the player hasn't yet completed the newest Dungeons, not an actual Dungeon. It is an anagram of "pure epic fail". Also an 8-slot recipe for Alchemist (level 100) that is impossible to make because one of its ingredients is itself.


A leecher (alternatively leacher) is someone who joins a fight, normally just for XP, but doesn't actually contribute anything to the fight.

Soul Splitting

When two people combine money to buy souls, or when two people pool their souls equally to do them together in the arena.


Here's a list of abbreviations commonly used in Dofus talk.

(Please do not include self-evident abbreviations like "char" for "character" or "dung" for "dungeon" - except for specific Dofus terms)

Acronyms & Abbreviations
Aggro Aggressive. See the Aggro page
ATM at the moment
afk away from keyboard (absent)
AoE Area of Effect
B> Buying
BR Black Rat/Brakmar Rat Dungeon
brb Be right back
cc close combat
DP Dragon Pig/Dragon Pig Dungeon
DT Dark Treechnid/Dragoturkey
DC Disconnected
F2P Free-To-Play
FoE Fate of Ecaflip (Ecaflip Spell)
GM Game Master, Guild Master
MOD/O Moderator
HoT Heads or Tails (Ecaflip Spell)
k kama
kk 1,000 kamas
LC Lord Crow/Legendary Crackler
LoS Line of Sight
mk million kamas
nvm Never mind
omw On My Way
paddy paddock
P2P Pay-To-Play
PC Price check or Plain Crackler
Perc Perceptor
PoC Crackler Punch (Osamodas Spell)
R> Recruiting
S> Selling
Scara Scaraleaf
SO Soft Oak
Soft Oak Clearing
SoI Sword of Iop (Iop Spell)
SoJ Shovel of Judgement (Enutrof Spell)
svp s'il vous plait, French for Please
tnl To Next Level
tot Minotot
W/C Wrong Channel
WC Gobball War Chief
Wrong Channel
WoS Word of Sacrifice (Eniripsa Spell)
WR White Rat/Bonta Rat Dungeon
Gobs Any Gobball
Chall Challenge

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