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Sorim Ait
Area Amakna
Sorim Ait
Location Amakna Castle
Coords [3,-5]
Options Talk, Buy, Resurrect a pet

Sorim Ait is an NPC.



Have you got any Compensokens? If so, unlucky for you. If it's any consolation, I can change them for you. I've got sweets with powerful short-term effects, and I can also provide you with what you'd need to revive a pet. Or if you have a Magical Orb, I can use it to help you redistribute you characteristics.

Ask if he's interested in a Tempus Bloomus. Only available if you have one in your inventory

Would you be willing to part with it even though they're incredibly rare these days? I can exchange it for its equivalent in Compensokens with pleasure.

Exchange a Tempus Bloomus for 30 Compensokens.
Ask if he's interested in old sweets with long sell-by dates. Only available if you have a Lucky Candy or Wisdom Candy in your inventory

Interested?! I actually collect them! I have several thousand in my bank account. They're so impractical that even if I did want them I wouldn't be able to use them without letting their effects go to waste. If you like, I'll swap you them for their equivalent in Compensokens.

Swap a Wisdom Candy for 30 Compensokens.
Swap a Lucky Candy for 30 Compensokens.
Find out about the Magical Orb. Only available if you have one in your inventory

I see you have a Magical Orb that can modify your constitution. Changing your constitution can also change your Chance, Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Wisdom, and Vitality.
I can use its power, which will make you young again by resetting these characteristics to zero. All of your characteristics will be the same as they were when you first arrived in Incarnam.
Be careful, because once you've used this power, there's no going back.

Call upon this power.


Item Price (Compensokens)
Resurrection Powder 20
Formative Candy 1
Prospector Candy 1

Resurrect a petEdit

Give To get
1 Resurrection Powder

1 Pet Ghost

1 Revived Pet

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