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Speet Fyer
Area Otomai Island
Speet Fyer
Location Canopy Village
Coords (-54,19)
Options Talk

Speet Fyer is an NPC.


Before quest

Let me warn you! I hate when people make fun of my name, so don't even try!
I guess that you're here to use my Scarplane.
Well, before that, you must help me.

Continue the discussion.

I'm determined to have the fastest tamed Scaraleaves but for that I'd need to be able to ride them without slowing them down.
That's why I'd need a specific equipment and not this stupid helmet and wooden pair of wings which only enable me to crash down if I fall off my Scaraleaf and uselessly weigh down my means of transport.
I need an improved pilote helmet and cape. Do you think you could get this for me? You'll probably need to find an experienced tailor.

Accept the proposition.
During quest

Did you find the items I need?

After quest






The name Speet Fyer is a reference to the Spitfire fighter planes used by the British Royal Air Force during World War II.

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