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Srams are Assassins who love purses, especially when they're full! Folding up the tails of a new tunic, exploring the bottom of a pocket, nimbly fingering through the contents, stroking the valuables and drawing out the prize is what a Sram enjoys best!

The Sram or Sram's Shadow class is an assassin class.

Srams have have a variety of spells including powerful attacks. They are the only class to use Traps. They can be extremely powerful, in both PvP and PvM. When placed correctly, traps can cause serious harm, as well as when in close combat. However Traps are difficult to place, it's hard to line them up so a monster/opponent will activate them. Team members need not fear walking into traps, as they can, since an update, see where the Sram has placed them.


Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vitality Vit 1~∞ - - - -
Wisdom Wis - - 1~∞ - -
Strength Str 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Intelligence Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Chance Cha 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -
Agility Agi 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~∞ -

The characteristics most closely associated with this class are:

  • Strength: A good number of the Sram's offensive traps (including Lethal Trap, the Sram's highest-level trap) deal Earth damage. Sram's also have several other Earth and Neutral spells; this makes a Strength Sram  a common, and powerful build.
  • Agility: Agility increases Critical Hits, which means that spells/weapons can deal considerably more damage. Besides that, the Sram's Double's Agility is the same as the Sram, making an Agility Sram's Double very good for dodge locking opponents.
  • Intelligence: Intelligence has a low soft cap for Srams. It's a supplementary attribute worth increasing with scrolls and equipment if you're going to spend spell points on Tricky Trap, Tricky Blow, Chakra Concentration, and Dragline. Intelligence based skills have strong synergy with trap focused play styles, allowing massive damage. Dragline can be used to temporarily increase the intelligence attribute.

The other characteristics are:

  • Vitality: Not recommended to raise, as it can be raised easily with equipment.
  • Chance: Srams have no Water based spells, meaning this is a hard way to go.
  • Wisdom: Not recommended for Srams or most other classes. Besides experience bonus, wisdom also increases efficiency of paralyzing trap. Raise with Scrolls/Equipment instead.

Class spellsEdit

The class spells available to members of the Sram class are:

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Jinx Jinx Exchange for Doploons Sram's special spell. Minimizes the effects of the target's spells and attacks. Also prevents critical hits.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Tricky Trap Tricky Trap 1 Fire
Inflicts Fire damage to whoever activates it.Attracts 1 cell.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Invisibility Invisibility 1 Makes the caster invisible.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Deviousness Deviousness 1 Earth
A ranged Earth spell.
Insidious Poison Insidious Poison 3 Air
Air poison.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Mistake Mistake 6 Air/Earth Steals Agility and Strength from target, while also dealing Air and Earth damage.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Tricky Blow Tricky Blow 9 Fire
Damages the target and pushes them back.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Double Double 13 Summons a Double.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Chakra Impulse Chakra Impulse 17 Increases the casters Critical Hits.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Mass Trap Mass Trap 21 Earth
Deals Earth damage in an AoE to whoever activates it or is near it.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Invisibility of Others Invisibility of Others 26 Makes other players invisible.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Poisoned Trap Poisoned Trap 31 Earth
Poisons the player who activates it.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Chakra Concentration Chakra Concentration 36 Fire
Deals additional Fire steal damage whenever the target activates a trap.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Paralyzing Trap Paralyzing Trap 42 Causes whoever activates it to lose MP.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Trap of Silence Trap of Silence 48 Air
Poisons whoever activates it and deals air damage based on how many AP the target uses.
Repelling Trap Repelling Trap 54 Air
Repels whoever activates it and deals additional air damage to enemies.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Fear Fear 60 Pushes back the target.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Con Con 70 Air
Steals kamas from the target and deals air damage.
Dragline Dragline 80 Fire
Attracts targets around the caster, steals intelligence and deals fire damage.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Lethal Attack Lethal Attack 90 Earth
Deals high Earth damage.
Sram-Icon-Spell-Lethal Trap Lethal Trap 100 Earth
Deals large damage to whoever activates it.
Summoning of Dopple Summoning of Sram Dopple 200 Summons a Sram Dopple.

Class SetEdit

The Sram Class Set is the Criminal Set


°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build

Pure elemental builds
Strength-based +++ Trapper build. Most popular. Attacks at range with traps and keeps enemies there with Tricky Blow. Can cast traps while invisible. Lethal Attack deals massive melee damage.
Agility-based +++ Assassin build. Distracts enemies with Double that can better prevent Dodging with higher Agility. Uses Invisibility with Fear to manipulate enemies. Great with Daggers.Very useful with Moon Hammer
Hybrid elemental builds
Strength + Agility ++ Combines Strength-based and Agility-based builds. Benefits from better locking enemies with Double, while still being able to lay effective traps. Has access to more weapons.
Other builds

There is also a leveling guide for all classes at:


At (-4,0) is the The Temple of Sram, where you can get info about Srams and fight the Sram Dopple.


  • Sram spelled backward is Mars, referring to the Mars Bar, a chocolate candy bar. The name is an inside joke with the developers, along with the Feca and Iop classes--all three are named after food items.

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