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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Juss Tafinger at [-82, -46]
Level requiredUnknown (>99)
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level
Total rewardsLevel-based XP (3,782,805 at level 200), 33,800 Kamas, 5 Ice Kama, 10 Pair of Disposable Rustic Skis
Items required
(not provided by quest)
2 Ironing Board, 2 Rescue Board, 2 Bread Board, 2 Pastry Board, 5 Obsidian, 2 Iron

Star Ski and Dutch is a quest.


Talk to Juss Tafinger at (-82,-46).

Find and bring back planks of different tree species.
Juss Tafinger always takes only one sort of plank at a time, so you have to talk to him four times even when bringing all at once.

Step 2: The philanthropy of the master carpenterEdit

Find tools for making skis.
Francky Star Ski and Dutch recipes

Resources Needed

At this point, you must complete or have completed Handygirl.

Step 3: Best foot forwardEdit

Find a shoemaker to make the boots.
  • Find a shoemaker
(drag to see):
Go to the Shoemakers' Workshop at (-74,-42) and talk to Dutch.

Step 4: Cross-country ski sellingEdit

Sell the skis.
  • Sell the Oak Skis
  • Sell the Aspen Skis
  • Sell the Elm Skis
  • Sell the Bamboo Skis
For this task you have to find 4 NPCs in and around Frigost Village and convince them to buy the skis. In order to convince them you need to have certain characteristics above a minimum, then additional conversation options get unlocked(don't chose the option which tries to convince the NPC). Borrowing different pets can help you meet these requirements. NOTE: You cannot do this if you are on Emi's Ears quest, you have to finish it in order to do this part.
(drag to see):
Sell Bamboo Skis to Ken Tucky at (-80,-46). Required: Agi > 199
(drag to see):
Sell Aspen Skis to Lisa Kaya at (-81,-41). Required: Cha > 200 or Str > 200
(drag to see):
Sell Elm Skis to Mayor Cantile at (-77,-42). Required: Int > 200 or Wis > 200
(drag to see):
Sell Oak Skis to Jarvi Jukkas at (-60,-59). Required: Int > 200 or Wis > 200




Star Ski and Dutch is a reference to Starsky and Hutch.

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