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Stella Stukup
Area Otomai Island
Stella Stukup
Location Grassy Plains
Coords (-50,20)
Options Talk

Stella Stukup is an NPC.


Before accepting quest

I don't know who you are, but let me tell you that I'm one of the best bakers the World of Twelve has ever known. How upsetting to see that you don't seem to care, at all!
However you look a bit sly and spineless, you might be of some help.

Continue the discussion

Well it's pretty easy. I must provide the creatures we breed on tihs island with flours made from cereals. We give them the best flours to capture and study in our labs and paddocks. But they're becoming more and more hard to please and the flours that we used to give them no longer suit them!

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My colleagues wanted to provide them with one of the best flours, the one made by Xavier the Baker!!
But it's way to hard to make so I thought I would mix a lot of different flours and just add a tiny bit of Xavier's. With a little bit of luck no one would ever notice! I had the idea but I'm still missing the flours. Do you think you can help me out and get what I need?

Accept the quest
While quest is incomplete

So, did you manage to find the flours I need?



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