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Syn Jorge
Area Amakna
Syn Jorge
Location Dreggon Village
Coords (-4,25)
Options Talk

Syn Jorge is an NPC.



You, who dares set foot in what was once a thriving village, now destroyed by the madness of men, you're too late.

Ask what you're too late for.

Haven't you heard? The two terrible dragons, Grozilla and Grasmera, have been defeated.
You probably don't know what I'm talking about, so let me tell you a little more about them.

Listen to the next part.

Long ago, even before the creation of Xelor's Clock, Crocabulia displeased her master, the god Osamodas. Given a last chance to redeem herself, Crocabulia agreed to watch over a young and fragile new race: the dragons.
To ensure that she carried out her mission, Osamodas entombed the formidable Grozilla and Grasmera in the Sanctuary.
Their first awakening, caused by human folly, was terrible, and heralded the destruction of Amakna's founding village. After the massacre, they returned to the bowels of the earth, hidden away in the Sanctuary. The legends told nothing more of them.

Ask if there was a second awakening.

Obviously, and that's why I told you you're too late.
Strange Dreggon eggs, nicknamed "Sauroshells", started appearing all over the peninsula and in the underground during the month of Navamaire in the year 639. Many adventurers and other apprentice Dreggon hunters began looking for them to make omelettes, which were sold for a very high price at King Allister's banquet.
When the last Sauroshell was destroyed, Grozilla and Grasmera came out of their torpor to avenge this irrational destruction.

Ask what happened next.

What happened then? Well, some brave adventurers (and a lot of idiots too) stood against the monsters without success. It wasn't until the 24 Novamaire 629, that a group of warriors, summoned by Shika Ingalsse herself, managed to defeat the dragons for the first time.
Grozilla and Grasmera did not go down easily, however, and so adventurers from all walks of life came to the warriors' aid. Once the dragons' real motivation was knows, the warriors of Shika were followed by the worshipers of the dark Demon Lord, who in turn were followed by the disciples of Rykke-Errel and the servants of Djaul. Not wanting to be outdone, the servants of the Sage Jiva also defeated the formidable creatures.
Weakened by the many battles, Grozilla and Grasmera had no choice but to return to the Sanctuary after being repeatedly defeated by the servants of the patrons of the months and various dignitaries.

If you have an Eggshell
Wait for the next part.
Show me what you've got there.
Why, it's a Sauroshell fragment!
If you'd like, you can give it to me, and I'll give you a magic amulet in return. Not just any amulet, mind - this amulet will show everyone that you were here when the battle took place.
Give him the Eggshell.
If you have an Enormous Fang
End dialogue.


Give To get
* 1 Grozillamulet
* 1 Scale Shield


Syn Jorge is a reference to Saint George.

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