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Téha Chicks
Area Amakna
Téha Chicks
Location The Ingalsses' Fields
Coords [10,3]
Options Exchange, Talk

Téha Chicks is an NPC.



Hi, my name is Téha Chicks. I am one of the worshippers of the Great Guru. I was once a lost sheep, He just showed me the way. Since then, I believe in him, especially just after eating a mushroom doughnut... Skippy gave me the recipe.

  • Request the recipe for a Mush Mushrooms' cake
Oh, it's nothing too complicated... It's just mushroom-filled doughnut dough. It's really delicious and everybody seems friendly when you eat one. Look, could you bring me a hundred or so of these delicious mushrooms? I will exchange them for a Little Scroll of Wisdom. I don't need it anymore since I started eating these doughnuts...
End dialogue.

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