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I deleted a lot of text that seems no longer accurate or relevant. I based my revision on the in-game map, which only identifies Amakna as this area. The old text for this entry called Amakna the "setting for the game" and listed Astrub, Pandala and two islands as part of Amakna, but looking at the Dofus web site I could not find confirmation that Amakna was the name of the whole landmass. The web site refers to "the province of Amakna" but "province" can refer to this specific corner of the map. Hinkhouse 04:34, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

I will re-add the notice about the Amakna Garrison for history purpose. About the world name, I’m inclined to think that originally only Amakna existed and as it's mention by a lot that the world was call Amakna, but if we base on what Community web site says the name of the world is Dofus (The Dofus' World) with a little legend of a female NPC that says Dofus Land, but now lets go to the introduction:
  1. Skip intro
  2. Choose Exploration (and enu image will appear with a huge piece of rock)
  3. From the tabs above that just appear choose The Universe
  4. A female Cra will appear with the legend Roll over the map to discover the lands of Amakna
So now we are facing a discrepancy where intro page says Amakna and community page says Dofus or Dofus Land. So any ideas on how to resolve it?--Cizagna (Talk) 05:48, 3 November 2006 (UTC)

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