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How To Find Technical SupportEdit

As with many online games, Dofus is in a constant state of improvement and evolution. As the game increases in size and complexity, many technical issues arrise. There are several courses of action that one may take to find help for these problems:


The official Dofus forums are a resevoir of information that players and moderators have posted during the life-span of the game. This is an excellent place to address problems such as questions about your class, requests to buy and sell different equipment and resources, or to simply share your opinion about Dofus.

The forums are populated primarily by players who can give advice and information, but who do not have the power to do things such a reset passwords, restore stolen items, or check the status of your online subscription payment. Such things are better solved by using support tickets.

Official English Forums

Support TicketsEdit

If your problem involves something more complex, such as account theft, hacking, or game bugs, your best option is to submit a report directly to Ankama Games.

Ankama Games Support Website

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