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Tek Abir
Area Astrub
Tek Abir
Location Astrub City
Coords [5,-17]
Details Inside Astrub Inn
Options Talk, Buy/Sell

Tek Abir is an NPC.



Welcome, (Your name)! You must be wondering how I know your name! Easy, everything that happens round town makes it here sooner or later! You can learn everything you need to know while sipping on a pint of the good stuff.

Order a beer (4 kamas).

I heard that Enutrofs discovered some tunnels under the city. I think something fishy is going on down there.


Item Price (Kamas)
Astrub Beer 40
Mimilk 4


Features in


Tek Abir is a pun on "Take a beer".


  • After you have completed the quest Endangered beer, Tek Abir's normal dialogue becomes available and it is possible to obtain the beers more cheaply via the Talk option.

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