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Tengu Snowfoux Set Elements Edit

Type/Level/Name Effects
Boots (173)
Tengu Snowfoux Boots
Hat (175)
Tengu Snowfoux Hat
Belt (177)
Tengu Snowfoux Belt
Cloak (178)
Tengu Snowfoux Cloak

Tengu Snowfoux Set Bonus Edit

Number of items equipped:

Items Bonus
1 No bonus
2 10 Intelligence, 10 Agility
3 20 Intelligence, 20 Agility, 5 MP Dodge
4 30 Intelligence, 30 Agility, 10 MP Dodge, 1 MP

Complete Tengu Snowfoux Set Effects Edit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous

Notes Edit

This set can be crafted by Shoemaker & Tailor professions.


To craft all elements of this set you will need :

Number Item
118 Yomi Snowfoux Malleolus
81 Kami Snowfoux Incisor
44 Yokai Snowfoux Wool
41 Soryo Snowfoux Ear
40 Maho Snowfoux Wool
40 Tengu Snowfoux Wool
13 Lord Crow Down
11 Tynril Calyx
11 Greater Bherb Feather
10 Royal Tofu Feather
9 Kimbo Sphenoid
8 Minotot Ethmoid
5 Kami Snowfoux Cornea
5 Sphincter Cell Skin
4 Yokai Snowfoux Skull
4 Tengu Snowfoux Leather
3 Skeunk Skin
2 Sparkling Pebble
2 Mahogany Pebble

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