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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Wally Elconom at [4,1]
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level25
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP, 2,652 Kamas, 1 Mega Legendary Crackler Rock
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Terra Cogita's Manuscript is a quest.


Talk to Wally Elconom at [4,1] in Amakna Village.


...hmmm, but everything matches up, this old manuscript is very precise of the subject...
Oh, Sorry! I didn't notice you there, how can I help you? Or rather, how can you help me?

Enquire about the source of his troubles.

During my research for map making, I found a manuscript that indicates the positions of a few tunnels. One of them starts in the basement of the Library but I've never been able to understand how the opening device works. I doubt someone like you will be able to solve the puzzle!

Offer assistance.

Very well! Come back if you find anything.... So long!

Step 1: The Library BasementEdit

In the basement, just like the basement of every library, it's full of all kinds of books and arachnee cobwebs. However, in this one, there's also some kind of special, mysterious atmosphere.
  • Find the map: Library tunnel
Do the Wave Emote puzzle.

Step 2: Dark UnderpassEdit

A hidden door in the mountain gives access to an underpass. But you still have to figure out how.
  • Find the map: Dark tunnel
Do the Sit Emote puzzle.

Step 3: Mysterious UnderpassEdit

A slab set high up in the mountain and a hidden door. Volunteers will be needed to get to the end of this gallery.
  • Find the map: Mysterious tunnel
Do the Applaud Emote puzzle.

Step 4: Impenetrable UnderpassEdit

Beware of Dreggons! You'll have to cross their territory to access this new cave.
  • Find the map: Impenetrable tunnel
Do the Get Mad Emote puzzle.

Step 5: Risky UnderpassEdit

This underpass might drive you crazy!
  • Find the map: Risky tunnel
Do the Brandish Weapon Emote puzzle.

Step 6: Harsh UnderpassEdit

Only eight courageous adventurers will be able to get to the end of this underpass!
  • Find the map: Harsh tunnel
Do the Cross Arms Emote puzzle.


Related AchievementsEdit

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