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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Professor Kalkulus at [-48,19]
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level45
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 2,905 Kamas, 2 Worn Coral
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Bulbish Potion

The Bulbish Potion is a quest.


Talk to Professor Kalkulus at [-48,19].


Hello! I'm the Professor Kalkulus.
Since I've lost my seven balls, I heal the wounded creatures of this island. I also take care of finishing them off.
I always wanted to help living beings or put an end to their suffering. It became a genuine passion. If you have time to dedicate me, I may need your help.

Offer your help.

I knew you didn't have much to do at the moment!
So, the job I'm offering you is quite simple. I need to heal the Coralators that are walking on the beach. Some strange mollusks which are slowly eating their brain live as parasites on them... The only thing that we can do to save them is to give them a Bulbish potion, strong enough to heal the most advanced cerebral wounds. When you get a chance, you should try this potion, it would do you good!!! Anyway... try to find a comptent alchemist and bring me back this potion as soon as you can.

Accept the work.

Step 1: A Potion for a ProfessorEdit

The Professor Kalkulus needs a Bulbish Potion to start working again.

So, did you manage to find a Bulbish Potion?

Give the Bulbish Potion.

This is perfect! I'm going to heal the Coralators right now, that way I won't be tempted to drink the potion myself.


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