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The Curse of Al Howin is a Dofus Halloween event. It was first held during October 2006 but ended due to a serious item drop bug. It has returned every year since, normally lasting from around the 28th till the 31st of October.


Whilst the event has differed slightly with each passing year a few things remain the same.

During the event Al Howin Gobballs and Al Howin Tofus spawn in the normal spots of Gobballs and Tofus. Whenever a player fight one of them there's a 100% chance that they would obtain a Mutation Item and become a Al Howin Gobball or Al Howin Tofu (depending on what monster was fought) unless wearing a Pumpkwin Head . The spell was lifted by successfully agressing a normal character; after battle the character would be restored to their normal self. In the 2007 to 2009 versions, you have to enter two fights with monsters, or win two fights against players, to regain your normal sprite. The Mutation Item is 100% drop without the headgear, and 0% drop with it in your inventory.

In 2006, each account was given a Pumpkwin Head gear. A helmet of the same name was also a drop from the monsters and had a durability ranging from 10 to 100. Using the helmets would protect you from The Curse of Al Howin. The 2007 to 2009 versions have no durabilty, they also were not given out, so players had to kill a Al Howin Gobball or Al Howin Tofu to recieve the Pumpkwin Head as well as the mutation.

In 2009, Al Howin Tofus dropped the Pumpkwin Head, but not the transformation.

During the 2010 event, other Halloween based monsters (such as Ghosts from Nolifis Island and the Cemetery of the Tortured) also spawned across Amakna. All subscribers also recieved an assortment of Candies if they logged in during the event.

The 2012 event would feature a whole new dungeon, Al Howin's Stewpot.

Official DescriptionsEdit

The Curse of Al Howin

Al Howin was the greatest Pumpkwin farmer of the continent. Unfortunatley, he was also a Bwork Magus apprentice a bit too fascinated by arcana...

Halloween II: The curse of the Gobbals

One year past, the Beast's curse sowed terror and desolation throughout Amakna... Never was Gobbal slaughter so dangerous as it was then... The slightest contact with an accursed animal turned some of the greatest warrior troupes Ankama had ever seen into swaying mobs of wide-eyed demons! Happy was the day that a group of great minds and hearts engineered salvation from this hellish pandemic.

Al Howin's Curse

The Olantewn's burn brightly but Al Howin remains in shadow... From October 31th to November 4th, Al Howin's monstrous band of minions will be running wild through DOFUS! Never seen before monsters, protective headgear and devilish skins... Join Al Howin's cursed event and discover Amakna's dark side! But just who is this Al Howin?

Contamination begins

It’s starting! The first Gobballs have already transformed! The invasion can’t be stopped now. The most attentive adventurers may have already heard the demonic laughter of Al Howlin resonating through the fields, although he remains unseen.

Get on your Pumpkwins! Slay these monstrous creatures!

The Curse of Al Howin

Every year just before and after October 31st, the curse of Al Howlin hits the World of the Twelve. Its nasty tendrils transmogrify gentle Tofus and Gobballs into frightening, blood-thirsty creatures. Take heed, this curse is very catching, it can easily jump from monsters to adventurers!

Accessible during The Curse of Al HowinEdit


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