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The Pandawushu is a document. Formerly known as The Pandawushu Art.




A book about the Pandawushu art of shield combat.

Note: Pandawushu seems to have no actual gameplay relevance.

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Pandawushu Martial Art of Pandawas
Myamowa Muasashwan

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A long time ago, Pandawas often did generous libations to their goddess Pandawa. Some erudits from Amakna argue that the elders actually made Pandawa up to excuse their excessive drinking habit.

It is a well-known and established fact that once the ceremonies were over, some Pandawas would go into a trance due to the heady fermented bamboo vapors... before heavily collapsing.
In a brotherhood spirit, their drinking mates... I mean... the followers did not hesitate to carry the most staggering ones home.
That's the point where the history joins the legend: we don't really know if it was plain drunken hallucinations or real evil creatures attacking them but Pandawas always had to fight on their way back home!

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Gesticulations and clouts blindly given out are the origin of the Pandawa self-defense techniques. Based on the use of shields and axes, thoses [sic] techniques were developed as time passes by thanks to the steady devotion of the inhabitants of Pandala. The practicing ones called Pandawushukas are training under the supervision of a master, in dojos especially designed for that purpose.

From the original Pandawushu four new types of Pandawushu are born. Each of these new four types are influenced by the quadramental breeze. Pandawushukas are cultivating their art with a predominant element. This element will influence their resistances and the type of injuries they'll cause... All this also means they can choose their favorite element, unlike the other warriors...

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  • The Air Master lives in the village of Aerdala.
  • The Earth Master lives in the village of Terrdala.
  • The Water Master lives in the village of Akwaala.
  • The Fire Master lives in the village of Feudala.

Each school follows the traditional level system

  • Ikwa : 1st level
  • Nikwa : 2nd level
  • Sankwa : 3rd level
  • Yonkwa : 4th level
  • Gokwa : 5th level
  • Rokwa : 6th level

Levels can be presented to the Pandala Dojo Master on Saturdays.

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