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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Rok Elreuss at [5,-19]
Other prerequisitesRemarkyble Advice
Recommended level12
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 436 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelDevotion to Iop

The Sword: A User's Guide is a quest.

Formerly known as Sword: Directions for use.



Waatttcchhh Oouut! By the Twelve Gods. You're not in summer camp, young one! March onward and keep your trap shut! ok, glory doesn't grow on trees, but our Enutrof friends have worked hard to hand it to us on a silver plate...


I am not wrong, am I!? But before even thinking about glory, you'll need a weapon, a good sword. I've a good friend called Two-Fingers, he's a smith. He'll help you make one and then I can affix our mark on it. I've shown you the way. Just follow your compass now. Good luck!

I accept!
I'm not interested.

Step 1: How to Forge a Sword' for DummiesEdit

You need a blacksmith to create a sword.

Ah! Another young Iop I presume? Sure, I can explain to you how to make this weapon, but we'll need something to make the handle first. Go and ask Oli Venders, he must have a couple in stock, ha-ha! I'm starting to beat the iron, so don't dawdle.

I'll be there in no time!

Step 2: The Utility of a Good HiltEdit

Find a hilt to get your sword forged.

I was waiting for you! You know, the hilt of a sword is of the utmost importance! Every year, many warriors die because their sword's hilt was not fitted correctly. You'll find the best ones here! It's been a family tradition for more than a hundred years. I advise you take this one, it's powerful, delicate, made of Treechnid wood and set with a Dragoturkey feather. Try it and you'll see!

No thanks, I insist on a classic one

Really? Too bad, you don't know what you're missing.

You will receive 1 Sword Hilt.

You're back! Very well, show it to me! Excellent...and now the final assembling...! There! A beautiful sword, quite simple in the end, but after all a warrior shouldn't be judged by a sword! Go and see your master again, he will teach you how to handle it. Good luck, and watch your fingers! *pensive*

Thank you !
You will lose 1 Sword Hilt.
You will receive 1 Just-forged Sword.

Step 3: The Importance of Finishing TouchesEdit

Take the newly forged sword to your master.

You're quite fast, that's a good thing. But what's even more important is the strength you invest in your attacks and an unfailing courage to defend your convictions till the end. Above all, you must be just. At all times... Remember these things I tell you now, young one. Now, give me your sword and I'll affix the mark that will seal your fate... *Rok uses various tools but doesn't appear to be good with his hands*... Here you go, finished!

Thanks, Master Iop!

Now, by Iop, you have your own sword. Get equiped and kill two Arachnees for me! This will prove just what you're capable of. If I deem you worthy, I'll will entrust you with a mission of far greater importance.

You will lose 1 Just-forged Sword


Step 4: The Necessity of Being Able to Use ItEdit

Attacking a few insects is a good way of learning how to handle your new weapon.

I knew you were no wimp! Let's move on to more serious matters.

At least a real challenge!

I'll present you with the facts. The Enutrofs requested our help. For some time now, strange, fightening incidents have been taking place during their excavations. They sense danger, and where there's danger, hoho, you'll find an Iop! I believe you are now ready to lend them a hand. Go and find Gasdaure in the tunnels! But, by Iop, take care young one...

This question is solved now!


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