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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Joe Stonefiddler at [6,-20]
Other prerequisitesRemarkyble Advice
Recommended level12
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 436 Kamas, 1 Initiate's Shovel
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelDevotion to Enutrof

There's One Mole Too Many in My Astrub is a quest.


Talk to Joe Stonefiddler at the Enutrof Class Statue at [6,-20].


Hey there Playername! You come down to lend our little company a hand? We sure could use some help. You gotta be a brave one, but there's gold in them thar hills. So you in?... yeah! A'right, well, you got insurance, kid... we all got insurance, don't we boys... ha, ha! Take a look at that face! You're one dumb critter...
A'right I want one thing done first... bring this here letter down to Howard Yeahbutno, he's a Iop and a good friend o' mine. You got that kid? Just follow your compass, you can't miss him!

Ok. Let's go!
You will receive 1 Joe Stonefiddler's Letter.

Step 1: Need of LabourEdit

Find Howard the Yeahbutno and give him Joe Stonefiddler's letter.

Ahhh! Finally a bit of action! Ahahaha! Tell your master we'll take care of it! I got a pile of fresh new recruits itching to get some battle scars they can show off! We will need some back-up though... How about we ask the Eniripsa and Feca clans to help us out?

Good idea! I'll be back with some reinforcements as soon as I can.
You will lose 1 Joe Stonefiddler's Letter.

Step 2: Need of ReinforcementEdit

Go and get help from the Fecas and Eniripsas.

You're new round here, aren't you? Though I advise you strongly not to go underground, I'd like to see an end to these excavations all the same - it's such a mess! I'll tell the members of my guild. Tell Joe Stonefiddler to end his business for the time being as a precaution.

The message will be transmitted to Joe, but I'm not sure he'll appreciate it!

The Iops already know about it? By the Twelve! Just needs the Sacriers... I really have take care of everything around here! A safe, and now bodyguards...

OK, I'll tell Joe about what you think! Goodbye!

Step 3: Need of a ShovelEdit

File your report with Joe to get your reward.

What?! Me? Give up my business?... must be yankin' my crank! Youd told him, right?! Not a chance! That'd finish me off. Well, hurry up and tell my men we're sending 'em more hands! Oh... and take this shovel, I'm sure it'll come in handy! So would some luck! Only a Sram can survive a stiff shovel up the...

Take the shovel.


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