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Unsound Mind

Unsound Mind is a Brakmarian Order run by Divad Dleifrepok.

Formerly known as Nasty Spirit.


Level 20 Brakmar Alignment (20 Brakmar/Quests completed)

Becoming a member of the Unsound MindEdit

Bring 1 Bwork Magus Beard Hair to Divad Dleifrepok at [-26,34] inside the Tower of Brakmarian Orders.



Previously, Unsound Mind had benefits for each order rank, they have since been removed:

Disciple of Hecate (20 quests completed)Edit

Dark Apprentice (40 quests completed)Edit

Follower of Pain (60 quests completed)Edit

Master of Brutality (80 quests completed)Edit

Guardian of Torture (100 quests completed)Edit

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