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Unterix Unter
Area Astrub
Unterix Unter
Location Astrub Forest
Coords (2,-24)
Options Talk,Buy/Sell

Unterix Unter is an NPC.



What do you want?

Enquire about this character

Can't you see I'm a hunter? Go to hell!

Enquire about the hunter profession

Hunting isn't that easy! You need a good weapon to kill the animal straight away. If the animal is only wounded or badly killed, you won't be able to get the good pieces of meat, which will get you a good price at the market.

Ask to become a Hunter

Woh, I told you this wasn't an easy job and you still want to become a hunter? To handle a hunter's weapons, you need a certain dexterity, prove me you have what it takes and I'll declare you a hunter.

Accept the challenge

Ok, since you want it so much... You'll have to kill a Gobball as fast as possible - you have two minutes. Prove me you can do it and you'll be a hunter.

Start the fight
Show the gobball leg

Yeah, not too bad! Well, excellent, i'm going to make a hunter of you now, that's what you wanted, isn't it? You'll have to buy a hunter's tool in order to gather all the bits and pieces from your prey.

End dialogue.


Features in


Teaches the profession


Item Price (K)
Hunting Knife 1
Hunting Axe 1000
Class Hammer 20000


Unterix Unter is a reference to the manga Hunter X Hunter

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