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-Simon Edit

Hi, I'm -Simon, I like long walks down the stairs and into my computer room, I like to eat fancy food like pizza poppers right out of the microwave. Lol enough about my dating creteria, this is Dofus.

My Character Edit


My pwnage Ecaflip.

I play on Rushu Server because my friend showed me dofus and played that server. My Ecaflip is lvl 78 and is a str Eca. He got pwned by the update and so I still have AoN at lvl 5 and I had put 3 lvls into bluff because I was a wee noobish during that time. I don't have sword skill, never could afford it. I lvled pretty easily up to lvl 40 with AoN not being gay and all. I then made a eni instead ended being a full regen eni. Then I quit when I got WoW. I played WoW for 2 months or so. Then when there was 2x exp for a week I made a wind Sac, got him to 40, then it dced to much and I quit for another 3 months. Never could keep any of the good guilds I found this way. Then I started playing my eca again after I found out they made regen eni's suck. Ended up joining the Twilight Guild.

Stats Edit


Regular Eq Stats and pp candy on.

I'm currently lvl 78, probably wont be when you read this. I got 2 proffessions, sword smith and shield smith. I recently got shield smith after getting sword smith to 30. Sword skill is lvl 45 now. My brak lvl alignment is 21. Got some funny stats, I had put up vitality because i was once a AoN before a update so my str is low. I scrolled my wisdom. I have natural 30 agil so I can equip Sharp Claw without wearing anything. I'm puuting my stats all into str until its 200 now.

My Eca Luck Edit


A minotoror I found and killed with other lvl 100s.

I have some wut a luck that my friends and Guild like. It's not finding items though, its finding monsters. I've found lots of good mob groups and rare stray mobs. None in a dungeon of course.

Some monters I've found astray:

3x Minotoror

1x Eratz the Protester

1x Nomekop Wodly

1x Edasse the Killjoy

1x Moowolf

1x 490 group of Kaniger (5 lvl 60s, 2 lvl 80s, and a Coco Blop)

2x Arachnid group in the attic

1x Royal Tofu

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