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Vil Smisse
Area Amakna
Vil Smisse
Location The Rogues' Den
Coords [10,15] & [7,-5]
Details See Location
Options Talk

Vil Smisse is an NPC.

For the Server of the same name, see Vil Smisse (server).

For the Monster of the same name, see Vil Smisse (monster).



Come back later, I'm thinking about my next plan.


Features in


To find him, talk to the NPC called Budd Spenza outside The Temple of Rogue. This will give you the option to enter The Rogues' Den, in which you are able to find Vil Smisse.

If you want to find him after having completed one of his quests, he'll be at [7,-5] only if you come from the left (from Amakna Castle) or else a different map will load without him.

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