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Wabbit Set PiecesEdit

Type/Level/Name Effects
Wabbit-tooth Amulet

Amulet (60)
Wabbit-tooth Amulet

GM Wabbit Y-fwonts

Belt (60)
GM Wabbit Y-fwonts

Wobot Staff

Staff (60)
Wobot Staff

  • Damage: 14~23 (Neutral)
  • AP: 4 (1 use per turn)
  • Range: 1
  • Crit. Hit bonus: 10
  • Crit. Hit: 30%

Wabbit Set BonusEdit

3 items equipped
2 items equipped

Complete Wabbit Set EffectsEdit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous
  • None


Wabbit Set can be crafted by the Jeweller, Shoemaker and Carver Professions.

To craft all pieces of this set you will need:

Amount Item
180 Wabbit Teeth
66 Black Tiwabbit Headband
25 Wabbit Fabric
22 Gwandpa Wabbit Beard Hair
20 Gwandpa Wabbit Ear
12 Wabbit Paw
10 Tiwabbit Ears
5 Cawwot
3 Wabbit Hair
1 Wo Wabbit Stomach
1 Black Tiwabbit Hair
1 Gwandpa Wabbit's Staff

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