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Wally Elconom
Area Amakna
Wally Elconom
Location Amakna Village
Coords [4,1]
Details upstairs Library
Options Talk

Wally Elconom is an NPC.



...hmmm, but everything matches up, this old manuscript is very precis on the subject...
Oh, Sorry! I didn't notice you there, how can I help you? Or rather, how can you help me?

Enquire about the source of his troubles
During my research for map making, I found a manuscript that indicates the positions of a few tunnels. One of them starts in the basement of the Library but I've never been able to understand how the opening device works. I doubt someone like you will be able to solve the puzzle!
Offer assistance
Very well! Come back if you find anything.... So long!
Leave him on his own


Features in


Wally's last name is monocle backwards. This NPC is a reference to Wally B. Feed, the cartographer from Monkey Island games series, who uses a monocle.

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