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Weapon is a piece of Equipment.

Weapons fit in the weapon slot, deciding most characteristics of melee attacks.

Each weapon type is different in one way or the other, see the tables below for more information about each weapon type.

  • Weapon Skill boosts the power of all types of weapons.
  • Weapon attacks do not count as spells, so they bypass defensive spells like Spell Rebound or Backfire.
  • Weapon damage is applied only during attacks with the weapon, but stat bonuses from weapons, like with all equipment, are always in effect.

Weapon typesEdit

Weapon Type Usual Requirements Specialty
Axe Varied Can hit 1 cell adjacent or diagonally.
Bow Strength, Agility Long ranged. Usually has a minimum range.
Dagger Agility High damage on Critical Hits. Low AP cost.
Hammer Strength, Intelligence Area of Effect: 4 cells around the targeted cell.
Shovel Chance Area of Effect: 2 cells in a line.
Staff Intelligence Area of Effect: 2 cells to the sides from the targeted cell.
Sword Strength Massive damage. High AP cost.
Wand Intelligence, Agility Medium ranged. Usually has a minimum range.

Other Weapon typesEdit

Weapon Type Usual Requirements Specialty
Capturing net None Used, along with the spell Mount Taming, to capture Dragoturkeys and Seemyools to be used for Breeding or some quests.
Hunting Weapon None Used by the Hunter profession to gather meats from monsters.
Incarnation None Transforms the character to a different class with their own spells, see Incarnation for more information.
Magic Weapon None Acts as an Incarnation. Magic Weapon transforms the character into one of five Knight classes with their own spells.
Pickaxe None
Scythe None
Shushumi None
Soul Stone None Used, along with the spell Soul Capture, to capture Monsters into a Full Soul Stone, which can be used in the Arena to fight the captured monsters again, or for some quests (mainly An Eternal Harvest).
Tool None

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