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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Rish Claymore at [1,3]
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level75
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP, Hands on Hips Emote
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Brumen Tinctorias's Labratory Key

Where Did the 7th Company Go? is a quest.


Talk to Rish Claymore at [1,3] in Amakna Village.


Hi, I'm Rish Claymore, weapons master extraordinaire known all over Amakna. If you're looking for a Whetstone, you're in luck, I've got one for sale.

Ask for work.

7 Company mysteriously disappeared in the Sidimonte Moors when were looking for Brumen Tincorias. They were seen for the last time at the Number Anticroist Inn. If you think you're up to it, head over there and see if you can find out what happened.


Step 1: MoonlightEdit

Something isn't right at the Number Anticroist Inn. You must find out what.
  • Find the Number Anticroist map [-27,17]
  • Find the Enter the Inn map
  • Talk to the customers
Talk to Feruor Mithridate

Hello. There aren't many people here at this time of the day. The innkeeper is preparing the rooms, and it will take a while.

Ask questions about 7 Company.

Rish Claymore's 7 Company? I remember those guys, Iops that terrorised the customers to get information about Brumen Tincorias. I told them to the fat Sadida you can see over there. I don't remember what happened next because I took myself off to bed.


Ah, there's nothing better than a tasty bamboo milk to perk up your spirits. However hard you look, you won't find any for hundreds of miles.

Ask questions about 7 Company.

I spoke to them on the eve of their trip, they were quite good spirits. We discussed my two years spent in captivity with Brumen Tincorias. I Helped as best I could before going to bed but as I was leaving the table, this Sacrier insulted me. The three Iops sat down at his table and I went off to bed.


I've got nothing to say to you, stranger.

Ask questions about 7 Company.

Yeah, I spoke to them, so what?. I told them everything I knew about Brumen Tincorias and then... Look, if you're really interested, why don't you go and have a look in the cellar. The key has been lost, unfortunately, but apparently a talented Handyman should be able to make you one.


And still alive, stranger? Did you find the answers to your questions?

Ask to enter the cavern.

The door is locked, but if you bring me a key, I can open it for you before the innkeeper returns.

Hand over the key.
  • Find the map: Number Anticroist Inn cellar
Finish the dungeon in order to complete this step.

Hi, I'm Rish CLaymore, a respected Master-at-armas in Amakna. If you're looking for a Whetstone you're in luck, I've one for sale.

Give a report about the Number Anticroist Inn.

You discovered the secret labratory of Brumen Tinctorias! I should have hired you sooner, I would have avoided the loss of 21 soldiers. I'll deal with the next part of the operation. By Iop, this Brumen Tinctorias has got it coming. You may go.


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