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White Scaraleaf Set ElementsEdit

Image/Type/Level/Name Effects
White Scarabelt

Belt (46)
White Scarabelt

White Scaracape

Cloak (45)
White Scaracape

White Scara Helmet

Hat (44)
White Scara Helmet

White Scararing

Ring (43)
White Scararing

White Scaraleaf Set BonusEdit

Number of items equipped:

Items Bonus
1 None
2 10 Agility, 5% Air Resistance
3 40 Vitality, 40 Agility, 10% Air Resistance
4 80 Vitality, 60 Agility, 20% Air Resistance

Complete White Scaraleaf Set EffectEdit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous


White Scaraleaf Set can be crafted by a Tailor (Lvl 45), Shoemaker (Lvl 46) and Jeweller (Lvl 43).

To craft all elements of this set you will need :

Amount Item
21 White Scaraleaf Antennae
9 Golden Scarabugly Antennae
19 Vilinsekt Antennae
6 Ebonite
1 Last Cheeken Feather
1 Golden Scarabugly Entrails
1 Vampyre Leather Briefs
11 Golden Scarabugly Carapace
2 Scaraleaf Entrails
2 Farmland Substrate
4 Palm Oil
39 White Scaraleaf Wings
10 Golden Scarabugly Wings
10 Greasy Tofurby Feather
24 White Scaraleaf Carapace

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