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Wilbur Etta
Area Amakna
Wilbur Etta
Location The Cemetery
Coords [10,16]
Details Inside The Temple of Rogue
Options Talk

Wilbur Etta is an NPC.


To Rogues

Desciple, you still have many things to learn, what do you want to know?

Ask for advice about weapons.

Rogues know how to handle all weapons, but they're particularly adept with swords and bows.

Find out more about the characteristics of Rogues.

Rogues are very intelligent characters. They're agile and normally have more than their fair share of luck. Therefore, they need to look for equipment which increases their Intelligence, their Agility and their Chance.

To non-Rogues

Welcome to the temple. Make the most of your stay by finding out about our ways and customs, and why not battle one of our dopples while you're here.

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