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Wogew the Hewmit
Area Cania Plains
Wogew the Hewmit
Location Cania Lake
Coords [-1,-39]
Details See Locations
Options Talk

Wogew the Hewmit is an NPC.



Oh, a visitow to my fowest, you awe vewy bwave to ventuwe hewe.
I've a favouw to ask you. I'm too old to go to the Wabbit Islands by myself, but I'd like to continue my weseawch into that wace.

Accept the offer.

Knock out the GM Wabbit, then get youw sywinge and take a sample of blood fwom it. Simples.
Bwing me the analysis of the blood sample and I pwomise you a handsome wewawd.

Ask where you can find the GM Wabbit.

The GM Wabbit is hidden in an undewgwound labowatowy on the Wabbit Islands. You'll have to explowe the buwwows to find him.


Features in


To reach Wogew the Hewmit head to [-1,-39] then click on the rock.

Secret entrance


Wogew the Hewmit is named after Roger Rabbit.

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