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Young Adventurer Set ElementsEdit

Type/Level/Name Effects
Adventurer Amulet

Amulet (7)
Adventurer Amulet

Adventurer Belt

Belt (10)
Adventurer Belt

Adventurer Boots

Boots (11)
Adventurer Boots

Adventurer Cloak

Cloak (9)
Adventurer Cloak

Adventurer Hat

Hat (12)
Adventurer Hat

Adventurer Ring

Ring (8)
Adventurer Ring

Young Adventurer Set BonusEdit

3 items equipped
2 items equipped

Complete Young Adventurer Set EffectEdit

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous
  • None


The Young Adventurer Set, also known as "Adventure Set", is one of the easiest sets to acquire and offers solid bonuses for low-level characters.

This set is slightly expensive for its level, however a first character can probably use this set up to level 40 or so.


The set is crafted by players with the Jeweller, Tailor and Shoemaker professions.

To craft all elements of this set you will need:

Number Item
10 Iron
10 Ash Wood
5 Evil Dandelion Flower
5 Aminita Volva
20 Nettles
5 Wild Sunflower Petal
5 Incarnam Relic
5 Gloot Skin
5 Slimy Scale
10 Sesame Seed
5 Moskito Eyebrows
5 Chimeric Feather
5 Mush Mush Thorn
3 Marine Conch
5 Spiritabby Tail
5 Poppy Seed
5 Eternal Ashes
4 Prize Fin
5 Tofu Egg

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