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Yova Etna
Area Trool Fair
Yova Etna
Coords [-9,-40]
Details Inside tent
Options Talk

Yova Etna is an NPC.



(yourname), I was waiting for you. I already know the question you want to ask me, you're so predictable...
I also know that you were about to forget to give me the 100 kamas you must pay to ask me a question, so I think I'll remind you of it right now.

Ask for information about a creature. (You will lose 100 Kamas)

Over whom would you like me to cast my divinatory eye?

Hell Mina.
(If Hell Mina is spawned)

Dark Vlad's girlfriend has resurfaced! She's haunting the Evil Forest once more!

(If Hell Mina is not spawned)

Dark Vlad's girlfriend hasn't resurfaced yet...
For 1,000 kamas I can try to guess how long it's going to take her to appear!

Hand over 1,000 kamas.

Hell Mina will come back from the dead in about (x) minutes!

The Dragon Pig.

I feel an evil presence in the Dragon Pig Dungeon!

Reply that you could have guessed it!

Yep! Ever since he left that old cave of his he's spent all his time in his plush new dungeon.

Nomekop Wodly.
(If Nomekop Wodly is spawned)

I see... blood-shot eyes, filled with fog... There's no doubt about it; Nomekop is on the loose in the Cania Plains once again.

(If Nomekop Wodly is not spawned)

All I see is the glimmering sun and the shimmering dew on the grass...

Eratz the Protester.
(If Eratz the Protester is spawned)

I see... a great big sword that would have King Allister goggling in admiration, and believe me, King Allister has quite a big one himself... Eratz is roaming around the Cania Plains, that's for sure

(If Eratz the Protester is not spawned)

There is nothing on the horizon, and not even the tiniest hint that anything is coming in the near future...

Edasse the Killjoy.
(If Edasse the Killjoy is spawned)

I see... a terrible fiasco and a ruined party in the Cania Plains! Popped balloons everywhere! All the signs suggest that Edasse has been doing his wicked deeds someplace nearby.

(If Edasse the Killjoy is not spawned)

I have no reason to believe that Edasse is in the Cania Plains.

Ask for information. (You will lose 100 Kamas)

I can tell you if it will rain in 10 seconds or what time it will be tomorrow in exactly 24 hours, but I doubt you've come for that, have you.
What is it that you want to know?

The colour of Allister's white Dragoturkey.

It is the colour of ivory.


Features in


Her name is an anagram of 'Voyante', French for 'Fortune teller'.

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