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Zaaps are gates that allow instant travel to other Zaaps or Prisms (if they have a Teleportation Module) for a small fee. They are displayed on the world map as blue spheres.

Zaaps have two options when clicked upon: "Use" and "Save". If you click "Use" you use the zaap to travel to other zaaps. You can only travel to zaaps which you have previously visited. You count as visiting a zaap if you simply walk onto a map with a zaap on it.

If you choose "Save" from the zaap menu, the zaap will be recorded as your "save point." Whenever death occurs or you surrender a battle, if you don't become a ghost, you will return to the last saved zaap. Also, if you use a Recall Potion, you will be teleported to your last saved zaap.

List of ZaapsEdit

Amaknean Continent ZaapsEdit

Name X Y
Air Pandala (Aerdala Village) 17 -31
Amakna (Amakna Castle) 3 -5
Amakna (Amakna Village) -2 0
Amakna (Crackler Mountain) -5 -8
Amakna (Edge of the Evil Forest) -1 13
Amakna (Gobball Corner) 5 7
Amakna (Madrestam Harbour) 7 -4
Amakna (Scaraleaf Plain) -1 24
Astrub (Astrub City) 4 -19
Bonta (City Centre) -32 -56
Brakmar (City Centre) -26 35
Cania Plains (Cania Massif) -13 -28
Cania Plains (Kanig Village) 0 -56
Cania Plains (Lousy Pig Plain) -5 -23
Cania Plains (Rocky Plains) -14 -47
Cania Plains (Rocky Road) -20 -20
Cania Plains (The Cania Fields) -27 -36
Dopple Territory (Dopple Village) -34 -8
Earth Pandala (Terrdala Village) 30 -38
Fire Pandala (Feudala Village) 29 -49
Frigost Island (Entrance to Harebourg's Castle) -67 -75
Frigost Island (Frigost Village) -78 -41
Frigost Island (The Snowbound Village) -77 -73
Imp Village (Imp Village) -18 -26
Koalak Mountain (Breeder Village) -16 1
Moon Island (Turtle Beach) 35 12
Neutral Pandala (Pandala Suburbs) 26 -37
Otomai Island (Canopy Village) -54 16
Otomai Island (The Coastal Village) -46 18
Sidimote Moors (Dark Road) -24 12
Sufokia Bay (Alliance Temple) 13 35
Sufokia Bay (Sufokia) 13 26
Sufokia Bay (Sufokian Shoreline) 10 22
Tainela (The Cradle) 1 -32
The Wabbit Islands (Abandoned Laboratories) 27 -14
The Wabbit Islands (Cawwot Island) 25 -4
The Zoth Village (Zoth Village) -53 18
Water Pandala (Akwadala Village) 23 -22

Incarnam ZaapsEdit

Name X Y
Incarnam (Cemetery) 3 0
Incarnam (Pastures) 2 -5
Incarnam (Way of Souls) -1 -3

Zaap PricesEdit

Zaap prices are based on the distance between the zaaps: the closer the zaap you want to reach, the cheaper the travel.

The formula uses the integer value of a straight line (hypotenuse in right angle triangle) between the zaaps. Thus the distance from (-2,0) to (5,7) is sqrt( (5-(-2))^2 + (7-0)^2 ) = sqrt( 98 ) = 9.)

The base price for zaaping is (distance * 10) kamas.

Characters can't travel to Villages owned by the opposing Alliance via Zaap.

It should also be noted that in Incarnam all Zaap fees are divided by four.


  • According to the Wakfu TV series, and the Islands of Wakfu game, the zaaps were invented by Eliatropes.
  • The Zaap resembles the Stargate from the sci-fi franchise of the same name.

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