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Zam Bono
Area Amakna
Zam Bono
Location Amakna Village
Coords [2,-1]
Options Talk

Zam Bono is an NPC.



Beat it, I'm not in the mood. And don't push it, or my friend'll be happy to kick one of your bad habits for you... the habit of still being alive.

Ask which friend he's talking about.

My friend, Pierce Crossman, just loves shooting portraits of curious adventurers. Oh, there he is, just coming back from the toilets. Go say hi! As for me, I uh... I have some video-tapes to return. Bye!

Get ready to fight.
Demand that he return the stolen notebook.

Yes, of course, I could return it to you with a note of apology and a beautiful ruby ring. But Crossman lent me the notebook for some very important business. Oh, there he is, just coming back from the toilets. You can ask him yourself! I'm off though, I don't want to see this...

Get ready to fight.


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